"All in the details" my ass!

You’ve heard many “watch experts" say it before, “it’s all in the details”.

Well, “all in the details” my ass!

They’re frauds.

For the most part, when someone says or writes “it’s all in the details” and applies it to watches, it’s usually a Rolex collector (sometimes a Patek Philippe collector or collector of other brands), and is usually referring to things like underlines, text color, Tiffany stamps, Domino’s stamps, Khanjar stamps, me-giving-you-the-finger stamps, or even spider dials (which are paint failures: Rolex painted them in a way that didn’t last and eventually cracked looking like spider webs… only Rolex!).

And its all B.S.

Those are not the “details” we should be “oohing and awing” over.

What we should be focused on instead are things like how well the movement is finished, how well a movement is decorated, the way a movement has been engineered or designed, it’s proportions, case finishing, even the quality of the materials used/chosen, etc., etc., etc.

In other words, the details that not only have real substance, but that require real ingenuity and craftsmanship to achieve, thus separating the simply good (or bad) watches, from the truly exceptional.

But somewhere along the line, because we’re visual creatures (I guess), we’ve been brainwashed (marketing) into thinking that anything — and I mean anything -- even a corporate logo stamped on a dial, is enough to make a watch worth (sometimes) up to tens of thousands more than it otherwise would be, because it’s now “rare".

This is called Douchebaggery, and those who perpetuate this phenomenon (via their blog or magazine, or club or/and on forums, etc.), are know as total and complete douchebags.

Today, the so-called vintage or “collectable” Rolex market (and others), is so overrated, so overpriced and overvalued it’s beyond absurd. And its fueled by people who claim to have “taste” or “style”, but are instead so horologically ignorant, they couldn't tell you what a truly significant or interesting watch was even if their life depended on it.

Instead these people are simply looking for a watch to display their affluence to others.

Could you imagine Henry Graves, the same guy who commissioned the Supercomplication to Patek Philippe, being so stupid to pay even a penny more for a watch that had a “spider” dial or a faded underline on it?

Ask yourself this: when Patek Philippe made the Supercomplication, why didn’t they “mark it” or “stamp it” with Graves’ bank logo?

Because they weren’t Douchebags back then!

What they did instead was give the Supercomplication an astounding 24 complications, making it the most complicated watch ever made by any watchmaker without the aid of computer technology, and in the process, a true one-of-a-kind.

*Those* are details, albeit to an extreme, that matter and that add real value.

*Those* are the details we should be “oohing and awing” over, not failed dial paint, or random dial markings with zero substance to them at all.

And it’s becoming really really frustrating. So I’m venting and calling you out: If you sound like the kind of person that perpetuates this kind of douchebaggery, you need to know you are a total and complete douchebag.

Enjoy your pizza (stamped Rolex).