Apple Watch Series 2

It wasn’t a big surprise, but today Apple released the second version of the Apple Watch, called Series 2.

Apple also mentioned how successful their sales have been. In fact since its inception, only Rolex has sold more watches. 

The big change in my opinion is that the watch is swim proof. It is water resistant to 50m. But, more than that, it still has a speaker to produce sound, but the speaker itself is used to push the water that enters out. Quite innovative.

The new watchOS3 will be included, and includes a 2nd generation dual core processor that is up to 50% faster, a new GPU up to 2x faster, and this opens up a whole new world for developers and the like.

The watch also includes a new 2nd generation display that is the brightest they’ve included on any device.

The watch also has built-in GPS for when you don’t want to lug your phone around. This is convenient while working out. The GPS will be very accurate, showing you your varying speeds and map route.

Cases include the usual Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Gold, and now Ceramic. Its 4x harder than stainless steel and comes in white.

There will be new bands for the Hermes collaboration as well.

Another collaboration is with Nike. Today they announced the Apple Watch Nike+. Its designed with runners in mind. It has a very cool breathable brand and uses the lightweight case. It can even be active via Siri. Its also available in 4 colors.

Price will be $369 for the new watches, they’ve also kept the original watch, added the dual core processor, they will call it Series 1, and it will sell for $269. The Hermes edition starts at $1149 (yikes!), and the Apple Watch Edition (with Ceramic case and magnetic charging), starts at $1249 (yikes! yikes!).

Our recommendation is not to spend over $1000 on an Apple watch, regardless of case or material. Stick with the standard cases or the Nike+ and the money you save can be put towards a real watch, something vintage that will actually matter well after the technology in the Apple watch is obsolete!