Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie Is A Joke!

Not too long ago the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), released a white paper that took them over 3 years to complete, which was supposed to define for us all mere mortals what "fine watchmaking" really is. To do this, they established a "Cultural Council" made up of 46 "experts" that would judge all brands and watches across a series of criteria both subjective and objective.

The end result was a disaster. Only 68 brands managed a score high enough to qualify their watches as "fine watchmaking", exposing a level of horological ignorance that is actually quite offensive.

So, it's extremely curious when one comes across a watch or an entire collection from a brand that for whatever reason was not only overlooked, but who's mere existence instantaneously discredits the entire white paper from top to bottom.

That brand is Credor by Seiko, and today I will share some videos of their Minute Repeater and the Spring Drive Sonnerie. Incidentally, both watches were made before the FHH even started with their white paper.

If that isn't *at a minimum* "fine watchmaking", then nothing is. 

And a note to the individual who actually spent $5 million on the Bao Dai 6062: neither of these watches tops $500k, but both represent far superior watches in every single respect and would have saved you over $4.5 million.