Importance of a Good Watchmaker


So, you bought your brand new high-end wrist watch. You spent $5000, or $10,000, or much more. And now, a few years later you're debating whether to service your watch or not. After all, it's still running so why bother?

Well, first things first: you must service your watch. If not per "recommended intervals", eventually.  

And if you wait too too long, it could cost you.  

Watches collect dirt and dust, even water resistant watches because when you unscrew the crown to set the time, humidity and moisture and body oils can get in.  

Plus, mechanical watches are a series of tiny parts working delicately in unison. There's friction which takes a toll, and even regular wrist movement and magnetism can mess things up.  

Bottom line, you have to service a watch sooner or later.  

And when you do, you'll want to do so with a good watchmaker.  

Going to your watch brand's boutique will get the job done for sure, but you'll be paying retail. 

Some people are ok with that. But, if you're patient and find a local watchmaker who really knows their stuff, you'll get just as good a service at a discounted price.  

It won't, and shouldn't be free (you really do get what you pay for most of the time), but it'll be a solid 20% less than a boutique. 

Plus, a great local watchmaker because like a friend, or like when you find that awesome mechanic to service your Ferrari (the only way to fly!), and will really really take care of your watches. 

This is how you take care of a watch and how your watch will last forever. 

And if it's too expensive to dish out $500-$1000 every few years, you're better off not buying the watch at all, or just buy a Quartz.