It’s been a while; take of 2 Rolex’s (or 3)

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Not because of a lack of ideas, but more because of wanting to find the absolute most efficient way to post something at the moment the idea comes to mind. 

To that end, today I’m trying something new so let’s see if that works.

And as a first-new-post-in-a-while, is like to briefly talk about 2 Rolex watches (and possibly a 3rd).

Pictured you will see the new Otsyer with the  new black dial, and you will also see the old Milgauus.

Take away the model names, and what I find striking is that these are essentially the exact same designs. Even the new Oyser has some very good anti-magnetic abilities compared to the original Milgauus, and a much better movement although this isn’t about the internal tech. 



To bring this all full circle, take a look at the current Explorer. Beside the Arabic 3, 6 and 9, it’s actually identical to the Oyster: same steel, same size, same movement, same color dial, same case design. 

So why does the Explorer cost so much more?

And if all Rolex is doing is recycling old designs (as they did with the old Milgauus), where’s all this praise for their “great designs” coming from?

For the record, I love the Oyster and I think it’s the *only* watch in the current Rolex line up that’s actually worth it (all the others are either way overpriced or just garishly designed) - I’d throw in the moon phase Cellini as well, but the Cellini is not why people love Rolex for some reason.  

What id suggest is beware the power of marketing. Rolex is “the best” only because they tell us they are and because they rely on our collective ignorance to make it so.