It's not the "Details", it's the Money

"Dear Spazz,

I read your recent articles (rants) regarding the upcoming auction for the Daytona Albino and the other watches in that auction, and while I don't necessary disagree with your point of view, wouldn't you agree that something rare, if at least decently made is worth more, or should be worth more?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Sincerely, John"

Dear John (thats funny right there!),

You're absolutely right!: something, like a watch, especially one that visually is liked by so many people like the ref.6263 Rolex Daytona (my all-time favorite Rolex by far), and that is decently made, can be and should be worth more if it appears in a livery that makes it rare. I.E. one of a kind or even one of only four, etc.

That these more rare versions of watches are worth more than the standard versions is not the issue I have. It's the money.

Because it is in no way possible, that the Albino Daytona is a better watch, or has more quality than a standard 6263.

False, false, false.

And if you perpetuate that lie, you are a complete and total douchebag (no offense).

And all you need is a little logic:

The Albino Daytona does not have it's own reference. Thats because it's exactly the same watch as a standard 6263. Rolex stopped making the Albino version because very quickly they realized the all-silver/white dial was hard to read.

In other words, the Albino Daytona was a technical failure, and Rolex corrected that failure asap.

So, if anything the Albino Daytona is of lesser quality than the standard 6263 Daytona.

But, the Albino is rare. So for that, and that alone it should be worth more.

But how much more? 10% more? 20% more? Or how about 3,000%+ more? 

Does 3,000%+ more make sense to you?

It doesn't to me.

But if it does to you, sorry, you're a douchebag.