Most Overrated: Rolex 1530


Happy New Year!

And let's start with a new series: the most overrated watches (and why). 

For the first installment, the Rolex 1530.  

To be sure, the Rolex 1530 is a hugely overrated watch, but why?

The main reason is without a doubt it's current market value, which at the moment hovers close to $12,000.  

This is a watch that has the exact same 1500 series movements found in all the DateJusts of the same era, the same size as a DateJust, looks a lot like an OysterQuartz (not good), and for all intents and purposes is a flawed unoriginal design. 

That's probably why Rolex pulled it after such a short run, too.  

The 1530 was obviously a Royal Oak knock off, but no where near as beautiful.  

But getting back to the 1530's $12k market value, who'd be the moron to pay that money, when for a *bit* more and a solid discount you can get a brand new 15400ST Royal Oak? Or, for $10,000 ($2,000 less or nearly a Speedmaster), you could get a pre-owned, but nearly-new Royal Oak (not to mention all the other watches so much better one could buy new and used)? 

And to make matters worse (for the 1530), the calibre 3120 found in the 15400ST is light years better than any 1500 series movement.  

Now, if the 1530's value was closer to a DateJusts value, that'd be different.