Omega's #SpeedTuesday Tribute Moonwatch

Omega recently released a brand new Speedmaster. The #SpeedyTuesday tribute watch with reverse panda dial. Introduced by Fratello Watches founder Robert-Jan Broer on Instagram in 2012, the #SpeedyTuesday hashtag has grown to nearly 45,000 posts at the time of this writing and is sure to grow from here.

From Omega’s Point of View

Business wise, this watch is a shrewd move. Omega has simply taken advantage of the hashtag's cult following to made a quick buck. No R&D investment was required on Omega's part. In fact, the entire design of the watch is the standard Moonwatch ref.3570.50 with an amalgamation of various elements from watches past. Omega even went a step further by coating the entire area of the sub-dials in a bright luminescent ink, they include a gorgeous leather watch roll, an additional NATO style strap, and a very cool spring bar tool. Things all collectors love and that give Omega more profit, not expenses.

I’d also say Omega priced it exactly right: $6500. While it’s significantly more than the regular Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, which has the exact same movement, it is also different and limited, therefore it is not *too* much more expensive that they wouldn’t sell out. In fact, the watch needed to be reserved online (another tribute to the hashtag perhaps?), and reservations were all taken within hours, if not minutes.

To put this into numbers, the 2012 watches signifies an approximate $10,800,500 cash grab for Omega.

Not bad!

From The Buyer’s Point of View

Having said all that, our recommendation to you, the potential buyer is that the standard Speedmaster Moonwatch (ref.3570.50), is still the version to buy *first*.

Not because I don’t like the #SpeedyTuesday, but because there is an order to things, and the standard Moonwatch should always be the first Speedmaster one buys. Once that's on your wrist, then you can start to add-on other variations, and from that point of view, the #SpeedTuesday Speedmaster becomes a lot more attractive, even at $6500.