Paul Newman's Paul Newman, Newman... WTF?

"Hello, Newman!"

You knew it was going to happen one day, certainly, after the idiocy, we've seen with recent show-stoppers like the womanizing-country-abandoning Bao Dai 6062, or the so-subtle-no-one-would-ever-know-its-a-Patek-under-a-sweater 130, that the ultimate vintage watch that people with far more money than brains will jerk each other off over, would be found.

Yup, Paul Newman's Paul Newman was found.

Say that again: "Paul Newman's Paul Newman was found".

This is about the time that I feel like I am in a forgotten Seinfeld episode.

Now, to be fair, Paul Newman was no Bao Dai, because at least Paul Newman was actually good at stuff and by all accounts, a pretty decent human being.

For example, Paul Newman was one of only four actors to be nominated for an Academy Award in five different decades, he won a Best Actor's award at a Cannes Film Festival for his role in "The Long, Hot Summer", and he was even awarded 1968's Man of the Year by Harvard University.

He was 19th on Richard Nixon's enemies list (haha, that one made me laugh), for his political activisim, which he was on the right side of.

And of course, to all the watch geeks out there, he loved to race cars. He wasn't the best race car driver of all time, but as he said many times, he hardly embarrassed himself and even won a race in 1979 with co-drivers Roff Stommelen and Dick Barbour driving a Porsche 935 in the IMSA+2.5 class.

He was also a generous philanthropist, donating hundreds of millions via his food products and other events to various charities and causes. And if that wasn't enough, he even gave away his Rolex (pictured above).

James Cox, the boy dating his daughter Nell Potts, was asked by Newman what time it was. Cox replied by saying he didn't have a watch. So, Newman gave him his. The famous quote associated with the moment was Newman's telling Cox, "'s a watch. If you wind it, it tells pretty good time", which also happens to be one of the most honest and accurate assessments/reviews of a Rolex ever!

All-in-all, Paul Newman's life was pretty cool. And if you're a guy in any way shape or form, Paul Newman was the kind of guy you might want to be like.

In fact, one of the things I admired about Paul Newman is that Paul Newman would never prostitute himself for a watch. Paul Newman would never get into a pissing contest to show off just how much money and fame he had by throwing millions at a watch just because it was rare, or because someone like Paul Newman owned it.

In short, Paul Newman was not a douchebag in any way shape or form.

And yet, ironically, after all these years, someone is about to do exactly that with Paul Newman's watch. Of course, it will be an auction held by Phillips Auction House (who else?), and will be in New York in October.

Without a doubt, and you heard it here first, this watch will break all records. At a minimum it will get more than $5.2 million that the Bao Dai got, because if someone is willing to pay $5.2 for a watch owned by a dick, surely someone will pay more for a watch owned by a pretty cool guy, not to mention the exotic dial Daytona is a gorgeous watch, while the 6062 in yellow gold and black face with friggin diamond indices is garish at best.

And, oh yeah, the watch - I totally forgot about the watch, because since watch auctions are no longer about watches, its been hard to remember - the watch is not actually called a "Paul Newman" Daytona. It's just your standard Rolex Daytona 6239 of the day, with an exotic dial that houses a very good, but also pretty standard Valjoux 72 in it. In case you were wondering, that is the same movement that failed to pass even 1 of NASA's tests when they needed a watch for their space missions (most likely in a 6238 since that was the only Rolex Chrono in production at the time).

The watch has a pretty cool engraving from his wife Joanne, which reads "drive carefully, me". It's also in pretty good vintage condition. It does appear to still have all its original parts and the case and dial definitely show its age (unlike the Bao Dai 6062, where only the case and not the dial shows its age... **cough**redone**cough**).

And yes, I would agree that among Rolex watches, this is the coolest to own or the one I'd want most, even if I kinda prefer the non-exotic dials more.

But in no way, shape or form would I be willing to cough up the millions some moron is about to do later this year... I 'll just wait for the bubble to burst.