Slow Watch: not high-end, but clever!

Introducing the Slow Watch.

High-end, it is not: doesn't have a mechanical movement and neither is the movement made in-house, has zero pedigree, and no where near a vintage.

But, what it is, is clever!

The slow watch has just one hand and shows all 24 hours in a day on it's dial, not just 12. The number 12 is at the usual position, but to it's left are the first 12 hours of the day and to it's right the last 12.

So if the hand is where the 9 usually is, it's actually about 6:45AM. If it's where the 3 usually is, it's about 6PM.

The company's sales pitch says that because you get to see the entire day in one view, and the one hand is moving much slower, it really changes one's perspective giving one a much better consciousness of how their day is progressing.

Maybe, maybe not. 

What I think is clever, though, is how they came up with this idea.

They took a GMT Quartz Movement (made by Rhonda), removed all the hands except the GMT hand. Then they designed the dial to mimic a typical bezel of a GMT watch, showing all 24 hours.

Pretty clever if you ask me.

They probably didn't even have to alter the movements at all except to remove the hands. Maybe the also removed the positions of the crown since setting the time only requires the GMT position. But literally thats it!

As a result, it is unique, the case of the watch is fairly good looking, certainly the right size at 38mm, and sold at a reasonable $250-$290 depending on your choice of band.

You can read more about the Slow Watch by clicking here.