The Ultimate Watch Collection: Beater Watch

If anything is the exact opposite of last week's Ultimate Complication Watch, this would be it.

The Ultimate Beater watch!

But sometimes this is also the most fun you will ever have with watches.

In other words, imagine what it would be like to have so much money that buying million dollar grand complication watches would be like spending no more than a couple hundred dollars.

Well, this Beater Watch category can provide exactly that kind of feeling/fun (see my post about Seiko).

In fact, all the contenders here, in some way or form can even be considered disposable.

That doesn't mean you should throw them away if they scratch or something. What it means is if anything really bad happens, it just won't hurt so much. If your beater is a Seiko 5, you might even find you're better buying a new vs. servicing it when that time comes.

This is also one of the reasons the watches military outfits (and the like) use today are (technically speaking), beater watches. 

They use them, they break them (but thats really hard to do), they throw them away, they get new ones. 


And let's face it, given the options around today in this category, if you're wearing your Submariner swimming, or your Royal Oak to go rock climbing, or your Grand Complication Patek while working out, etc., you're also an idiot.

A complete friggin moron.

Instead, get yourself an Ultimate Beater Watch:

Seiko 5 ($40-$100) - Seiko has serious pedigree. They even make some high quality (over $8k) watches to be reckoned with. But their Seiko 5 is easily one of my all-time favorite watches.

I bought my first Seiko 5 as more of an experiment. I didn't believe I could get a solid mechanical watch, that met all of the high-end criteria for under $100.

Well, I did. And now I love them.

In my case, it was the least expensive dress watch variation (also my favorite variation), as it more closely looked like classic DateJusts or even classic JLC dress watches.

I removed their jubilee-style strap (my least favorite part, which makes it look common), and installed a gorgeous Louisiana Alligator strap. You have to be careful not to go too crazy on the strap, but even with $100, after selling the Seiko strap on eBay. my total investment was just over $100.

It looks great, gets many compliments, and while I don't ignore the thing, being a beater watch, I honestly wear it worry free.

Smith's Re-edition ($100-$450 depending on model) - This is an interesting entry. It's not an original Smith's Watch, but a extremely well made homage/re-edition Smith's Watch. Made independently by a company called Time Factors.

What I like about this watch is that it really does bring back the cool history of the Smiths brand. And does so with contemporary technology.

Buying a vintage Smiths isn't a bad idea either, but that will set you back close to $1000 or more. So this option is a great alternative.

Casio G-Shock ($50-$550) - Easily the winner in this category, the Casio G-Shock single handedly eliminated the entire Tool and Dive Watch categories. Nothing is as tough as a G-Shock. Nothing can handle the stress a G-Shock can. It even has cool technology like Atomic time and Solar Power. And it comes in more than enough colors and variations and at every price point under $1000.

And for the most part, their meat and potatoes is at the sub $300 level. And even at under $100, you'll find an excellent option, which means you won't care if it scratches or even breaks.

This really was a no-brainer!

Next week, an awesome summary!