Watch Ads Brainwash Us

In a discussion I was having over the weekend with some car aficionados, it was inevitable that the subject of watches came up. Along the way we started discussing the fun that can be had "collecting" and we also discussed the *possibility* that watches can be great investments. Just think back to last weekends fiasco held by Phillips Auction House.

And the main difference, it was ascertained, between then and now is the huge role the internet, and the various online watch expert blogs and sites play in all of this. Because the reality is, douchebags or not (they are), some in particular have done a brilliant job brainwashing the masses into thinking what they say actually makes sense.

Again, think back to last weeks auction and think about the hype thrown at the $5 million Patek and the $1.3 million Daytona just to name two.

It was all one big self proclaimed prophecy come true, with nothing more than artificially manufactured substance. Because actual substance there was none. Actual substance would not justify those prices.

And from there it was also inevitable that someone would give us the old "well, if they have the money who cares? Why be haters?".

And I thought of my recent rants and the fact that they could easily have been misconstrued as me "hating" one brand or another, or one writer/website or another.

To that end, I want to make something very clear:

I don't hate anyone or anything. It's not hate, it's the truth. And as they say not only does the truth hurt, but before it hurts, it pisses you off.

This is why I have been contacted by Rolex (no joke), via their lawyers in San Francisco, as well as other entities to try and deter my ways.

It won't work. And it won't work because the moment they contacted me in the way that they did, I knew I hit a nerve. 

I knew, they knew I was right.

And its total crap that we get to get brainwashed at our own expense.

It doesn't happen just within watches of course, but its been happening a lot, and unfortunately while Rolex are not the only ones guilty of this, and no matter how much I admire much of their work, the truth of the matter is that Rolex watches are in essence mass produced watches with nothing particularly interesting or unique to set them apart. And the kind of money they command, not the brands that are interesting and unique, has long since been absolutely ridiculous.

It smells of new money.

It smells of ignorance.

It smells of insecurity.

But it doesn't smell of sound mind.

It's even got to the point where the watch in question is no longer the real main attraction, but rather the price or record price any given watch sets.

It's as if people go out looking for watches that live under a certain brand name, and that have some features, anything really, that can be considered "one of a kind", even if said feature is down right stupid, like a Domino's logo on the dial, and then they build it up, and build it up, and build it up, and before you know it, bam! $1 million at auction.

Being able to identify this, as I have done, is not hating anything. It's exposing.

And I'm doing you a favor.

Take a cold shower, smarten up, and you're welcome!