Would Steve McQueen or Paul Newman pay the HDT?

I mentioned one of my biggest pet peeves in the watch world here, but thats not the only one.

In fact, while we're on the subject of horological douchebags, and the plethora of ways they let themselves known, it does seem that money is at the root (for the most part anyway), of what makes them tick.

Lets take the silliness in the vintage Rolex market, even the vintage Patek Philippe market for that matter, which seems like it has come out of nowhere in the past decade or so. Look closely and you'll see it has absolutely nothing to do with independent thought.

It starts with some blog out there or auction house that puts out an "opinion" dressed up as fact, and it becomes a self-perpetuating prophecy. The herd mentality, using some confirmation bias kicks in, and then next thing you know you have idiots paying $1.5 million for a watch that originally sold for the equivalent of $2000 (in today's money).

I was just referring to the auction of the "Eric Clapton Albino Daytona" a couple years ago. I mean why would anyone pay so much more for a Rolex Daytona just because Eric Clapton owned it? Or, put another way (because without a doubt there are people screaming as they read this saying 'its only 1 of 4, 1 of 4'), why would anyone pay so much more for a Daytona that had its production stopped because that 'Albino' dial was hard to read, hence a fail?

Answer: human greed and stupidity by people who have more money than brains.

Because, it certainly has nothing to do with any rational relationship between how interesting the watches are and price, or their overall quality and price. If it did, instead of getting $1.5 million dollars for a watch that normally gets $30k-$50k (which is also overpriced), it should have only gotten a reasonable percentage more (under 50%), for its rarity. 

It's as if a new horological douchebag tax (lets call it the HDT), based on moronic herd-mentality thinking has been issued, but only nouveau-riche-and-insecure-enough-to-qualify pay it. Its one of the ways they've decided to show off their new wealth, a kind of pissing contest, and of course auction houses and others who profit from this behavior enable them (as they laugh their asses off all the way to the bank!).

So, what are some of the tricks or ways that the industry (Blogs, Auction Houses, Manufacturers, etc.), use to create the self prophecy and keep it going perpetuity (or at least for as long as they can)?

Yes, even here there are many, but today I will discuss the celebrity endorsement or celebrity association. 

I already mentioned Eric Clapton, but besides Clapton, lets not forget the association between Steve McQueen an Hanhart, Rolex and Heuer, or Paul Newman with Rolex, but specifically the exotic dial Rolex Daytona from the 60's.

Side-by-side: the 'Eric Clapton Albino' 6263 ($1.5 million) and the regular 6263 (about $50k) 

Side-by-side: the 'Eric Clapton Albino' 6263 ($1.5 million) and the regular 6263 (about $50k) 

Ask yourself this: how much would Eric Clapton pay for the 'Eric Clapton' Daytona? We already know he once paid around $50k for it and then sold it for about 1000% more, and after that it sold for an additional 300% more. 

Can you really imagine Eric Clapton paying even more than $1.5 million and then saying its totally worth it because its the "Eric Clapton Daytona"?

Of course not!! Eric Clapton is a musical genius NOT an horological douchebag and would never pay the HDT!! And if he ever says he would, then he sold out and is a big fat liar!

What about Steve McQueen? Why do we love Steve McQueen?

We love Steve McQueen, because in so many ways he was the guy we all want to be: good looking, was a movie star, raced cars, and of course thanks to all of that, he not only gets the girls, but he could have any watch he wanted.

Paul Newman wearing a 'Paul Newman Daytona', which is odd even to write!

Paul Newman wearing a 'Paul Newman Daytona', which is odd even to write!

We love Paul Newman for essentially the exact same reasons: good looking, great actor, raced cars, etc.

So, can you imagine Paul Newman referring to his Daytona as the "Paul Newman Daytona"?

Of course not! Paul Newman was never an horological douchebag and he wouldn't pay any HDT either!

I think Steve McQueen would have beat the crap out of anyone who tried to pull such a fast one on him.

The reality is none of these men would ever fall for this crap, because the very reasons we admire them, the reasons that gave Paul Newman and Steve McQueen the "man's man" title also prohibits them from behaving like a bunch of horological douchebags.

In other words, if they too would have been horological douchebags, they'd actually be nobodies, and a 'Paul Newman' Daytona would not be called a 'Paul Newman' Daytona, because that would make it worth less, not more.

So, the final question to ask is what kind of man (human), do you want to be? if you're male, do you wanna be more like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, or Eric Clapton, whom as it pertains to watches bought low and sold high?

Or, do you wanna be one of the many horological douchebags that people like Eric Clapton sell to?